Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose chemical free?

We were never meant to consume chemicals. The detrimental effects of the use of chemicals on our health and in the food chain has become decidedly apparent, it leave our food not only toxic but lacking the nutrients our bodies need to sustain a healthy immune system.

That is why we take the time to grow our produce without chemicals and practice crop rotation to make sure that our produce not only looks good but has as many nutrients and minerals as nature intended.

What’s the best garlic to use?

Make sure it’s Australian and make sure it’s fresh. Hunter Valley Produce grow 3 cultivars as they have each have a personality of their own.

  • The Monaro Purple is an Australian cultivar. It’s the perfect garlic to accompany any dish offering good rich flavours when consumed raw and a mild & nutty when roasted. Stored correctly, Monaro Purple garlic should last you well into Autumn.
  • Rojo de Castro is a Spanish cultivar which has intense hot flavour when consumed raw or cooked. Stored correctly, this garlic will last the full 12 months.
  • Russian or also known as Elephant garlic isn’t actually a garlic but a member of the Leek family. Easily recognisable by the shape and size of the bulbs, people find it easy to cook with. It provides a mild flavour and can be sliced straight into stir-fries but can be also baked or roasted.

How should I store my order?

Garlic bulbs can be kept in the box provide, a mesh or wire basket, a small bowl with ventilation holes or even a paper bag. Storing bulbs in plastic bags, sealed containers in the fridge can cause mould or sprouting.
Try to keep your garlic where the temperate is maintained – the cooler the environment, the better and out of direct sunlight.

By ensuring these conditions, will prevent your garlic from sprouting or rotting. Stored correctly and depending on your climate and your cultivar, your garlic should last until Autumn.

Why is my garlic sprouting?

Unlike other vegetables, garlic remains a living organism once harvested. To maintain freshness, it’s important to store correctly to prevent early sprouting. Once your garlic begins to sprout, you can freeze bulbs or unpeeled cloves in a zip lock bag and use as required.
Don’t crack a new bulb until you’re ready to use the cloves. Cracking a bulb will cause early sprouting.

Can I eat sprouted garlic?

You certainly can but it will lose some flavour intensity. The sprout will taste bitter, so you can slice in two and remove green stem.

When do you add garlic to my cooking?

Most recipes call for garlic to be added at the beginning, but the longer you cook garlic, the lesser the flavour.
Garlic usually does best if it’s cooked quickly over medium heat. About thirty seconds will do the trick. It’s enough time to allow the flavour to mellow into the dish. You’ll know it’s done when you can smell the garlic.

How do I get the garlic smell from my fingers?

If you have a stainless steel sink the guaranteed way to get rid of the smell is to rub you fingers along the rim of the bowl for approximately 5-10 seconds. Otherwise, lemon juice or salt can do the job, be careful not to have any cuts on your hands.

What’s the best way to peel garlic?

The only gadget you need to peel garlic is the back of a knife and a bit of muscle. Peel away the skin and waste with your hands.